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Veterinary Diets for Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats
If your pet has been diagnosed with kidney problems or kidney (renal) failure, a special veterinary diet is typically recommended as part of your pet’s treatment/management plan to optimize their quantity and quality of life. There are several reasons why your pet’s kidneys may not function correctly including genetic defects, infection, and chronic deterioration of the kidneys which occurs gradually over time.

The kidney has many important functions. One very important job the kidney has is to filter bad toxins taken in from the diet out so that they do not harm the body’s normal cells. Most renal diets are protein and phosphorus restricted. Reduction of dietary protein and phosphorus in your pet’s diet will help the kidneys to work a little more easily. Reduced dietary sodium can help maintain normal blood pressure which can be affected when the kidneys are impaired.

Many kidney (renal) diets also contain omega 3 fatty acids which have been proven to help humans and animals to live longer. Specially formulated kidney health diets also contain vitamins and antioxidants that help promote a healthy immune system and help increase energy and vitality in pets suffering from kidney renal disease. Since our pet’s kidneys are vital to overall health, using food in addition to medication, supplements, and promoting increased fluid intake is important to manage your pet’s kidney problems and to maintain optimal health. Feeding your pet the wrong type of food for his/her medical condition can do more harm than good so it is always important to consult your veterinarian for the best dietary recommendation.

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