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SmartCat Tiger Diner Portion Control Natural Plastic Cat Dish


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Product Details

Your cat may be small, but your little one has the heart, speed, sprightliness of a tiger. All this comes in handy when your pet eats from the SmartCat Tiger Diner Portion Control Natural Plastic Cat Dish. This unique food bowl prompts your cat to fetch each piece of food he or she, relying on your pet's natural hunting talents. Eating this way with the SmartCat Tiger Diner Portion control Natural Plastic Cat Dish will help you cat's digestion and weight control, by managing your animal's eating habits. Make dinner time a hunting adventure with this special food bowl!
  • Funnel shaped bowl prompts cats to fetch their own food
  • Automatically distributes food as needed
  • Helps prevent overeating
  • Helps owners save money on food
  • Easy setup and clean up
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Has rubber feet to keep dish in place
  • Stimulates cats' natural instinct to hunt
  • Tested and approved by Cats International
SKU: 16452