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Trade Winds Praziquantel Canine Tape Worm Tabs for Dogs


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Product Details

This is the only FDA approved Praziquantel for over the counter sales. No Prescription required. Field trials have shown Praziquantel Tape Worm Tabs to be 100% effective and safe for the removal of common tapeworms in adult dogs and puppies. May be crumbled and mixed with food.

More Information: Dogs can be infested with two types of tapeworms. Fleas carry the most common type, and rodents carry the less common type. Tapeworm segments are often visible on the surface of your pets stool. They usually appear as short (1/2-3/4), flat, white particles, that when first passed are mobile; or they may be passed still connected in a long, flat string. Dry segments may stick to your pets hair, and look similar to a grain of rice. Until recently, the only effective control has required a prescription. However, Praziquantel Canine Tape Worm Tabs are now available without a prescription, and are 100% effective in ridding your pet of both types of tapeworms.
Trade Winds Praziquantel Canine Tape Worm Deworming Tabs for Dogs Features and Benefits:
  • 1% safe and effective
  • First FDA approval for at-home use
  • No prescription needed
  • Completely rids dogs of two types of tapeworms
  • Administer directly in mouth or crumble and mix with food

Directions for use:
  • 5 lbs and under give 1/2 tablet
  • 6-1 lbs. give 1 tablet
  • 11-15 lbs. give 1 1/2 tablets
  • 16-3 lbs. give 2 tablets
  • 31-45 lbs. give 3 tablets
  • 46-6 lbs. give 4 tablets
  • Over 6 lbs. give 5 tablets maximum

*Not intended for use in puppies under 4 weeks of age.
*Fasting not necessary.
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