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AlphaTRAK Lancet Device for Glucose Test

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Product Details

The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device is used to collect blood samples from your diabetic pet in order to measure his/her blood glucose (sugar) levels. This device is a reliable way to acquire a drop of capillary blood in order to run blood glucose tests as directed by your veterinarian. The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device can be used with the AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This device is used by many veterinarians and now you can use it from home too!

What is the AlphaTRAK Lancet Device? This Lancet Device is used to obtain capillary blood samples for blood glucose testing in diabetic dogs and cats as directed by your veterinarian. It includes a system to adjust the depth of puncture to accommodate multiple testing sites. A clear cap is included and may be used in place of the depth setting cap so that you can visualize the testing site better. AlphaTrak Lancets are sold separately. Contents include: (1) Lancing Pen, (1) Adjustable Depth Cap, (1) Clear Cap, and Instructions for Use.

What are the benefits of the AlphaTRAK Lancet Device?
  • Easy to Use
  • Device is a reliable way to obtain a capillary blood sample from diabetic cats and dogs.
  • Includes a system to adjust the depth of puncture to accommodate multiple testing sites.

Formulated for: Dogs and Cats.
The entire device can be washed with mild detergent and water. The device may also be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (available in the USA) or a solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. The device should be rinsed thoroughly and dried between uses.

Contact your veterinarian or the manufacturer if you have further questions regarding the proper use of this device.

Uses: The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device is used along with AlphaTRAK lancets in order to obtain a capillary blood sample from your diabetic cat or dog in order to test his/her blood sugar (glucose) levels as directed by your veterinarian. Individual lancets are sold separately.

Precautions: Never share a lancet or lancing device. Always use a new sterile lancet. Lancets are for single use only. This prevents the risk of infection and minimizes discomfort. Do not use this device or attempt blood glucose testing on your diabetic pet until your veterinarian shows you how to obtain a blood sample properly. At home blood glucose (sugar) testing is not a substitution for regular veterinary care so make sure you work closely with your veterinarian to carefully monitor and treat your diabetic pet.

Storage: Store the AlphaTRAK Lancet Device at room temperature out of reach from children and pets. Make sure you dispose of lancets and sharps properly. Do not discard in the regular trash. Consult your local health department and/or our veterinarian regarding proper disposal.
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