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BREEZE Cat Litter System

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If you've ever wonder what easy cat litter clean up looks like, look no further. BREEZE CAT LItter System provides easy odor control with a system that separates urine for outstanding odor control. BREEZE CAT LItter System leaves your floors clean and litter-free because this special litter box uses unique litter pellets and absorbing pads that separate urine from solid waste. And with the stylish design of the BREEZE Cat Litter System, litter box clean up has never been more easy, more effective, or look so good!
  • Superior odor control
  • Anti-tracking
  • Easy clean up
  • BREEZE brand Litter System includes: 1 BREEZE Litter Box with scoop,1 3.75 lb bag of BREEZE Litter Pellets, and 4 BREEZE Cat Pads
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BREEZE Litter SystemBREEZE Cat Litter System

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  • Cleans easily (27)
  • Reduces tracking (25)
  • Durable (23)
  • Good height (22)
  • Keeps litter in (22)


No Cons

Best Uses

  • Multiple cats (29)
  • Indoor cats (25)
  • Kittens (15)
  • Finicky cats (7)
  • Small pets (5)
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    • Long-time pet owner (48), New pet owner (4)

Most Liked Positive Review


This literally changed my life!

I have been using this system for 2 years. This type of system has been used in Japan for many years; don't know why it took us so long to get it.All I can...Read complete review

I have been using this system for 2 years. This type of system has been used in Japan for many years; don't know why it took us so long to get it.All I can say is CLEAN! And it has changed my life. No more nasty, sandy, smelly grit all over the place. Stays clean. Once a day (maximum) I just take the poop out with tongs (it just sits on the top) and drop it in the scooper and from there to the toilet. Yes, you can smell the poop for the few seconds it takes you to walk in the bathroom before you drop it in the toilet. It's okay if a few pellets stick to the poop; the pellets don't react with liquid so the toilet can handle it fine. This way the dirty pellets get flushed & the rest stay clean. It's much, much cleaner and neater than rooting round in nasty, smelly, gritty litter for chunks & pieces and then disposing of it somehow, since scoopable litter canNOT be flushed (it will eventually clog up your system).The surfaces are sort of non-stick and easy to wipe clean (no "litter mud" everywhere). You can dampen a rag & add a squirt of Pinesol and just WIPE the box clean when you want to change the litter (about every other month for me). You can do this between times too - just tilt the litter to one end & wipe, then the other (the litter doesn't react to liquid). So simple, so CLEAN! I sprinkle "Arm & Hammer Oxi-clean Pet Fresh CARPET Odor Eliminator with Vacuum Booster" on the PAD. The CARPET type works much better than the product made for litter - but do NOT sprinkle this on the litter, but just on the PAD, and use very little (I keep some in a spice shaker).Follow the directions on introducing your cat to the new system.Some people seem to think it cost more than regular litter, but I don't think so. You can get the pads for about $1 each ($4/month, if you change it every week) and the bags of litter (small bags don't look like enough, but they ARE) I change no more than every other month (and even then, they don't really NEED it). I get them delivered 6 at a time via [@] subscription for I think about $35 - that's $35 a YEAR, if you change it out every other month. So I don't think the litter and pads are all that expensive. For me, not having to deal with the nasty mess: rooting around in smelly litter and stepping on nasty grit every day (not to mention finding it in my bed and on my furniture) is worth every penny.In addition, it's healthier for you and your cat. Clumping litter creates dust for you when you scoop the box, dust for your kitty when he scratches - this dust contains chemicals that are very bad for both of you when INHALED. Very, very bad for your kitty when he/she licks the litter off her paws & fur, thus INGESTING these chemicals, some of which are carcinogens.I LOVE this litter system! And no - you cannot use puppy pads in the pee drawer (I tried that). These pads are much thicker, constructed to hold a week's worth of cat pee, and have a plastic flange that turns up on the edges of the drawer all the way around to prevent leakage. They are well designed, easy to use and dispose of, and work perfectly.I also tried using glass beads instead of the pellets. While they were easy to swish/wash in a little bucket and pour into a colander, then back into the box, my cat was less than thrilled. They were much noisier than the pellets when he scratched around - maybe that was why he wasn't crazy about them. I went back to the pellets. I keep a pee pad on the floor in front of entrance of the box because he is a very long cat and occasionally dribbles a little out the entrance. When I change pads, I put the one from the floor into the box (even if it is still clean) and a new one on the floor. If he dribbled on the pad, I wipe the entrance of the box with a damp rag. It's just very easy to keep very clean. It's not unpleasant, like scooping/cleaning the old box was, so I don't dread it and I keep it very clean, which my cat appreciates. He actually comes and tells me (rowr!) when he poops, so I will put the poop in the toilet right away (he has me perfectly trained).Ann


Most Liked Negative Review


I loved, but my cats did not.

I bought this litter system as a solution to litter being spread throughout my house and in to my bed. I have used it for about two years and loved every second of it. ...Read complete review

I bought this litter system as a solution to litter being spread throughout my house and in to my bed. I have used it for about two years and loved every second of it. However, one of my cats has recently started defecating throughout the house (he's always done this, but it has become unbearably frequent lately). I went to the store and bought a jumbo litter box and clumping litter, and not only has the defecation stopped, but the cats haven't touched the Breeze boxes since. I'm going to keep them as extras but I doubt they'll get used again. Cats don't like that they can't dig around in the litter like they can with clumping litter, which makes me unhappy, but a happy cat is a happy owner, so this is how it is going to be. If your cat will use it without any problems though, I highly recommend doing it.

*The only reason I say it is a small capacity is because my cats each weigh about 11 lbs. and are very large, so this was a little small for them. Normally they require a jumbo-sized litter tray to move around in.

Reviewed by 109 customers

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My cats love it

By cat parent

from Jurupa Valley, CA, United States

Verified Buyer

Comments about BREEZE Litter System BREEZE Cat Litter System:

I have bought two litter boxes and they are using them which I was surprised considering they wouldn't use the regular litter from you guys, I guess it was the litter smell. The box is small, I have two boys that are the size of small dogs and they can barely fit in the box, i hope you guys come up with one soon. I will have to buy a few more since I own 10 cats so i can get rid of the last box. Is there anyway you guys can lower the price a bit on the large bag of litter and large package of pads it is really hard on my budget I also have to wait til the system goes on sale again it adds up in the end. So if you can help a little in the above I would appreciate it.

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no dust! no clumps!

By kilmock24

from Minneapolis, MN, United States

Comments about BREEZE Litter System BREEZE Cat Litter System:

My cat has been using the Breeze litter box system for 4 years. I love it! The pellets do not produce the dust typical litter does. The urine goes straight thru to the pad, so there is no clumping mess. The solid waste sits on top and is so easy to clean out. There is very little smell with the breeze system, typical litter boxes seem to hold the urine smell and the litter has a bad smell on its own. The breeze, there is no smell that seems to get trapped in the box. This is the most sanitary litter box I have ever purchased! I love it!

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Best invention EVER!!!!!

By AmyEW

from Snow Camp, NC, United States

Comments about BREEZE Litter System BREEZE Cat Litter System:

I bought one to try with my cats and it is absolutely amazing, my house doesn't smell anymore, no litter tracked through house, and no heavy litter to dispose of. And I save a lot of money on cat litter because I only have to buy it once a month now, regular litter no matter how often you try to scoop it was needing replaced almost every 2 weeks. Very inexpensive to use, I wish I had found it sooner!

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Very Happy With This Litter Box!!!

By hnleonard

from Roxboro, NC, United States

Comments about BREEZE Litter System BREEZE Cat Litter System:

We are really happy with this litter box!!! I switched over a month ago and my two cats have done just fine with it. We have one box for both cats. They took to it beautifully (we didn't do the whole change over thing; I just took up the old one and put this one out for them to use. They checked it out really well and starting using it just fine). We rotate the pads every 2 or 3 days and change them every 5 days or so. There is NO litter box urine odor!!! And we scoop the poop multiple times a day, so that's not an issue. I have found that we need to use 2 bags of the pellets instead of the one. Overall for my sweet fur babies and our family, the choice to use this litter box system is/was a very good one :)

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The Pads

By JoanP69

from Reno, NV

Comments about BREEZE Litter System BREEZE Cat Litter System:

When I began using this system (7 years ago), it was great. Now, the quality of the pads is less in that they are not as thick so you have to replace them far more often, which of course costs more money.

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