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Your pet may be prescribed Acepromazine if he/she needs tranquilization or if he/she suffers from motion sickness. What is Acepromazine?This is a... Learn More
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Your pet may be prescribed Acepromazine if he/she needs tranquilization or if he/she suffers from motion sickness.

What is Acepromazine?This is a tablet that is given by mouth. It is used to sedate animals for minor procedures (e.g., nail trims). It can also be used as a pre-anesthetic and as an anti-emetic to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness. This medication is not a pain reliever (analgesic).

What are the benefits of Acepromazine?

  • Can be given by mouth to provided sedation.
  • Available in two sizes for more accurate dosing.
  • Can be useful in preventing vomiting due to motion sickness in some animals.

Formulated for:Dogs. Acepromazine is labeled for dogs but may be used off-label in other species.

How is this medication given?This medication is given by mouth. It is imperative that you follow your veterinarian’s exact directions regarding the use of this medication. If you do not understand how to use Acepromazine correctly, always consult with your veterinarian.

How does this medication work?Acepromazine is a tranquilizer that targets the central nervous system and depresses certain neurologic activities which results in sedation and muscle relaxation.

What results can I expect? It takes about one (1) hour for after oral acepromazine is given for it to reach its maximum effective. Acepromazine can last for up to 12 hours but it can vary from on animal to another. Some dog breeds including Collies, Australian shepherds, greyhounds and giant breeds may be more sensitive to this medication.

What form(s) does Acepromazine come in? This is a tablet that is given by mouth. An injectable liquid is also available.

Generic Name:Acepromazine(Common Drug Name)

Common Brand Name:PromAce

Dose and Administration:Give this medication orally exactly as prescribed by your veterinarian. Never give this medication to any animals other than the one it has been prescribed for unless you are directed otherwise. If you miss a dose, give it as soon as you remember if needed but never give two doses at once. If you are unsure of how to use this medication correctly, ask your veterinarian.

Uses:Acepromazine is used as a tranquilizer, sedative, and as a pre-anesthetic. It can also be used to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness.

Possible Side Effects: Side effects may include droopy eyelids with the third eyelid more exposed, incoordination, or slower heart rate and breathing. Your pet may have pink or reddish brown urine after acepromazine is used. Some pets may become hyperexcitable or aggressive with the use of this medication. Low blood pressure and inability to maintain proper body temperature is also possible. Other side effects may occur.

Drug and Food Interactions: Always tell your veterinarian about all medications and supplements your pet is taking. Interactions may occur with atropine, central nervous system (CNS) depressants (ex. barbiturates, narcotics, and antidepressants), organophosphate dewormers or insecticides, Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol, antacids, propranolol, quinidine, phenytoin, and epinephrine. Other drug interactions are possible.

Precautions:Animals who allergic to this medication or other phenothiazines should not take it. Use with caution in debilitated or geriatric animals and those with liver or heart disease. Pregnant or lactating animals should not take this medication unless the benefits outweigh the risks. Animals with low blood volume, anemia, shock, tetanus, or strychnine toxicity should not take this medication. If your pet has a seizure history, he/she should not take acepromazine.

Storage:Store at room temperature away from children and pets.

A prescription from your veterinarian is required to purchase Acepromazine.

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