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Auto Ship - More Savings. More Time. More Happy!

More Savings.
More Time. More Happy!

Auto Ship

scheduled delivery offers:

  • Convenience- scheduled door-to-door delivery
  • Flexibility- manage My Auto Ship from your dashboard
  • Savings- 15% OFF every order*
  • Variety &Value- 475 brands at the lowest price
All you have to do is:
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Auto Ship - Shop by Brand

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Automatic Pet Food Delivery made easy...AUTO SHIP!

Tired of driving to the pet store…lugging heavy bags, boxes, and cans of pet food to your car…then lugging them from the car to the house? You’ll love our AUTO SHIP! It’s the EASIEST, most convenient automatic dog food delivery - and cat food delivery - you’ll find anywhere!

To have your pet food delivered ON YOUR SCHEDULE, simply set up your AUTO SHIP dog food delivery or cat food delivery at check out. To do so, shop as you normally would. Put your pets’ favorite foods in your cart, and check out. On your ORDER CONFIRMATION page, select “YES” for the items you wish to add to Auto Ship for pet food delivery. Then, choose your “SHIPPING FREQUENCY” on the right and click the “Create Auto Ship” button.

That’s it! The next time you would order your pet’s food, it will arrive at your door almost like magic. You will never run out of pet food again. So, for the easiest dog food delivery and cat food delivery (oh, yes, we deliver small pet and bird food and supplies automatically, too!), be sure to set up your AUTO SHIP, TODAY!