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There is nothing like a cat

There is nothing like a cat to make you feel content! So you want to get this furry family member the very best cat food, cat toys, cat treats…and all cat supplies…you can. That’s why you and thousands of other cat lovers shop at for all your cat food and supplies. See more.

The Very Best Cat Food Love like this deserves the very best of everything. That’s why carries the finest cat food brands. The brands you trust in dry cat food, canned cat food, and kitty treats. With more than 450 top name brands of the finest foods for your cats, you’re sure to find your cat’s favorites right here. Use our “Search by Brand” to find: Hill’s Science Diet Cat Foods, Fancy Feast for cats and kittens, and Felidae all-natural cat food and treats for cats at all stages. You can also type the cat food brand of your choice in the “Search” box to see all the dry cat food, canned cat food and treats from that brand. Some popular brands you’ll see are: Iams food for cats and kittens, Weruva natural cat food, Evolve cat food for senior cats, for weight management,and a range of great-tasting flavors for young, healthy cats. Perhaps you need Friskies, PurinaONE, or Natural Balance? You can be almost 100% assured we have your brand of cat food!Veterinary Diets for Your Cat You can’t bear to see your cat even a little “off.” She’s listless. He’s too quiet. You take this precious feline member of your family (Some call him or her a pet, you know pets are people, too!!!) to the doctor, only to find something is wrong. You’re so relieved to hear that your kitty can be helped with a simple change of diet! Your vet writes out a prescription for the exact Veterinary Diet your pet needs. Soon, your pretty kitty will be back to normal. You can’t wait to start the new diet! Because you want your pet to feel better soon -- and to keep him or her feeling better -- carries the brands your vet prescribes:Purina Veterinary Diets cat foods, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet foods for cats, Iams Veterinary Formulas, and of course Hill’s Prescription Diets for cats. We also offer Innovative Veterinary Diets which you’ll find with the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet cat foods. It’s quick and easy to order and we send your cat’s Veterinary Prescription Diet food right to your door! When Your Cat Brings Home “Friends” OK. They’re not friends, they’re pests...fleas and ticks...ugh! There’s nothing better than when the itching stops. Especially if your cat has been scratching for days. At, you can stop the itch before it starts! We carry all the top Flea &Tick control brands for your cat. You’ll find topicals such as Frontline Plus to stop fleas and ticks on your cat and in your home, Bio Spotif that’s your brand, and Advantage flea treatment for your cat -- just to name a few. In the Flea and Tick Center, you’ll also find foggers, flea collars, powders,spray sand dips, shampoos, tools, tablets and flea pills. To find the very best in flea and tick control, shop at FREE Shipping for Every Flea and Tick Product Pet owners also love that every single flea and tick product -- over 650 of them -- ships FREE at Even our shoppers’ number-one choice: Frontline PLUS and Frontline Top Spot. That’s right FREE SHIPPING even on Frontline flea and tick protection. So you can protect your cat against fleas and ticks --and protect your wallet, too! Treats and Toys for Kitties No matter how quietly you try to open the treat jar, your kitty comes running! You can’t help but laugh at the expectant expression on that pretty little face. Your cat knows you have something tasty in store as she wraps herself about your legs,purring as loudly as an outboard motor! Your cat will come running with cat treats from You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for, because we carry more than 60 brands of cat treats in our store. Our shelves are stocked with: Feline Greenies savory treats for cats, perennial favorite Friskies cat treats, healthy cat snacks such as Wellness Pure Delights, and the ever-popular Fancy Feast Appetizer Treats -- just to name a FEW. Visit cat treats to treat your cat to something tasty (or hardworking,like hairball relief treats, or kitty-size pill pockets) for your favorite feline. Don’t Forget the Toys! Most cat owners agree, playtime is just as important for us as it is for our cats. When we’re tossing a treat ball, watching our cats pounce on a play fur mouse, or laughing our heads off at their wild antics over a feather cast from a “Catfisherfishingrod,” we lose ourselves -- and the cares we carry with us. We feel as free and happy as children (and our beloved cats) while we play. Perhaps that’s the reason PetFoodDirect carries such a wide assortment of cat toys.I can’t even tell you for sure how many brands of cat toys we carry. (But then,cats don’t really care, do they?) I do know that we have tons of cat-tested toys that are great fun for cats -- and the people who love them. So, when you’re buying your cat’s food and treats, be sure to click on Cat Toys and pick out something FUN for the both of you. What a pleasure it will be when that box arrives! Enjoy shopping for your cat at!

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