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Help When Your Pet Needs a Vet Diet Food

When your veterinarian recommends a vet diet for your beloved dog, you can rest assured you’ll find that very important food right here, at We’re here to make sure you find the very best veterinary diet dog food - the one that’s formulated to suit your dog’s special need - on our shelves. So there are no last-minute trips to the vet or interruptions in your dog’s special diet. See more.

Visit to find the best dog foods to treat virtually every medical condition. For health issues ranging from allergies and heart disease, to diabetes and kidney disease, from liver disease to urinary tract troubles to weight control, we have just the right vet diet dog food for your dog. You can also learn about the various canine health issues and how a veterinary diet for dogs can prevent and treat so many ailments and conditions.

You’ll find vet diet dog foods from Royal Canin, Iams, Purina Veterinary Diet, Hill’s® Prescription Diet® and MORE! You can also set up your vet food deliveries on our AUTO SHIP timed delivery program so you’ll NEVER RUN OUT of these essential vet diet foods for your dog. When it’s warranted, a veterinary diet for dogs can make all the difference in your dog’s life. Don’t let your dog down. Be sure to provide the veterinary diet for dogs without fail. Set up AUTO SHIP for your vet diet dog food needs today!

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