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Dog treats are what dogs yearn for most - besides your love, of course! It's no wonder, especially since dog treats have evolved to become a food group unto themselves - with many subgroups. Today, flavor options abound, from dog treats of traditional chicken, beef and liver, to bacon, pork, lamb, turkey and duck, from garlic or veggie, to yogurt or cherry. Most important, dog treats are now developed to be functional, serving multiple purposes ranging from oral care to medical conditions such as food allergy and weight control, and of course, the traditional training treat. See more...

Your dog's oral health is crucial to his overall well-being, and there are numerous dog treats that can support a happy mouth. At, you'll find all manner of dog treats from Bright Bites to Greenies, from Nylablone to Zukes - all dental dog treats that support good breath and healthy teeth and gums.

Weight control can be a problem for many dogs whose lifestyles are more sedentary than active, so it's important to choose a dog treat that isn't loaded with unhealthy calories. If your dog's weight is creeping up, visit for lean dog treats specially formulated to address weight issues.

Dogs with food allergies need specially formulated dog treats. At, you'll find dozens of allergen-free dog treats for your best friend.

Finally, if you simply wish to motivate or reward your dog with a training treat, or you want to occupy him/her with something to chew on aside from your favorite shoes, the sky's the limit for dog treat options at Whether your preference is rawhide or jerky, bones or chews, or treats in every flavor under the sun, you'll find all the finest dog treats for your dog to delight your pet.

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