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Why Vets Prescribe Hill’s Prescription Diet Foods for Dogs and Cats

Why would your veterinarian prescribe one of Hill’s® Prescription Diet® pet foods for your pet? Because Hill’s® Prescription Diet® foods are specially formulated with higher or lower levels of the specific nutrients that will make a difference in your pet’s health. Nutrient levels can be adjusted to treat or control medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney, liver, or heart disease. Fiber levels, protein and phosphorus, fats and carbohydrates, and other nutrients may also be higher or lower depending on your pet’s ailment or condition. (Click here to read more about Prescription Diet for specific ailments.) When your veterinarian recommends you feed a Hill’s® Prescription Diet® dog food or Hill’s® Prescription Diet® cat food, he or she chooses the food that best meets your pet’s needs.

PetFoodDirect is proud to partner with Hill’s® Pet Nutrition, Inc. and your veterinarian to provide you with the Hill’s® Prescription Diet® food your dog or cat needs to manage or treat their health condition. And be sure to check out our Auto Ship automatic pet food delivery program – that way, you’ll never run out of your beneficial Prescription Diet® dog food or Prescription Diet® cat food!