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Acarexx Otic Suspension

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Acarexx Otic Suspension is for treatment of adult ear mites in cats and kittens four weeks or older. Each dose of Acarexx Otic Suspension contains 2 ampules containing 0. 5 mL of 0. 01% ivermectin otic suspension.
Administration: Tear foil pouch at the notch to remove the two plastic ampules. Use one ampule per ear. Shake well before use. Snap off the cap of the ampule and place the tip into the external ear canal. Squeeze the entire contents of one ampule into the ear and massage the base of the ear to distribute the medication. Repeat the procedure in the other ear using the second ampule. In clinical field trials, ears were not cleaned and many animals still had debris in their ears at the end of the study. Cleaning the ears prior to administration of Acarexx is not necessary to provide effectiveness.Always follow the dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian. This medication should only be given to the pet for which it was prescribed. Talk to your veterinarian about what tests and exams may be necessary while your pet is taking Acarexx Otic Suspension. Also discuss how long the treatment period will be and what type of outcome is expected. You and your vet
Dosage Information : Acarexx (0.01% ivermectin) Otic Suspension is administered topically in the ear canal at an ivermectin concentration of 0.01%. One dose of 0.5 mL is applied in each ear. Repeat treatment one time if necessary, based upon the ear mite life cycle and the response to treatment.
Refer to the package insert for complete prescribing information.
Net Contents: Two ampules per pouch. Each ampule contains 0.5 mL of 0.01% ivermectin otic suspension.
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Each dose contains 2 ampules, each ampule contains 0.5 mL of 0.01% ivermectin otic suspension.