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Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp

$9.99 - $22.89

Product Details

The Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp Features and Benefits:
  • Light fixture for day and evening lighting
  • Soft long-lasting light
  • Mounts and swivels with easy
  • Great for nighttime monitoring
  • Metal reflector is coated to store light energy that can be released after lamp is switched off
  • Heat resistant porcelain socket
  • Can be used with florescent and incandescent light bulbs
  • Soft light prevents stress and disorientation
For all your reptile pals, the Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp does light just right! Easily mount this versatile reptile lamp to the terrarium of your snake, lizard, or other reptile friend and provide soft, glowing light for day and night, while preventing the stress harsher light can cause. The lamp has a metal reflector, heat resistant porcelain socket, and is designed to be sturdy, yet easy to adjust and utilize. Turned on and off with just the flip of a switch, The Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp lets you and your reptile see the surroundings of his or her terrarium clearly while maintaining all his or her fun and quirky natural daytime and nocturnal habits.
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