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NUPRO Health Nuggets for Cats

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NUPRO Health Nuggets for Cats is a superior supplement that provides the raw vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and fatty acids that are lacking in... Learn More
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NUPRO Health Nuggets for Cats is a superior supplement that provides the raw vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and fatty acids that are lacking in commercially processed foods. NUPRO was designed to boost your cat's typical diet with whole, fresh and nutrient-rich ingredients. Made with fresh, premium ingredients, that are human-grade quality. NUPRO does not contain any preservatives, sugar, fillers, corn, wheat or by-products.


NORWEGIAN KELP: Good for enhancing pigmentation and bringing out highlights in coat color. Source of iodine and trace minerals. A necessity for cats who eat grass, they need fresh vegetable protein.

NUTRITIONAL YEAST CULTURE: Best source of B vitamins. Promotes hair growth. Helps to repel fleas.

FLAXSEED: Controls itchy, dry, flaky skin. Adds luster and shine to coats. Highly digestible source of essential fatty acids. Eases joint stiffliess.

DESICCATED LIVER: The ultimate in palatability. Provides from, enzymes and vitamins.

FlSH MEAL: Cats love the natural taste! Another source of fatty acids and protein.

ALFALFA: A good source of chlorophyll and is a rich source of vitamins A and D.

BEE POLLEN: A blood builder. Naturally combats allergies and helps to strengthen the immune system.

GARLIC: Helps to rid parasites in the intestinal tract. A necessary component for optimal health.

BONE MEAL: The best source of absorbable calcium for your cat's bones and teeth.

LECITHllN: Steadies nerves and can burn excess fat.

LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS: This enzyme will help your cat digest his food better. Promotes friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Daily Feeding GuideNUPRO Health Nuggets should be given daily when you feed your cat, or as a healthy snack in-between meals.

Kittens to 6-lbs: 1/2 scoop per day
7 to 12-lbs: 1 scoop per day
Over 13-lbs: 1 1/2 scoops per day.

If your cat prefers, nuggets can be crushed into powder and mixed into wet food or made into gravy to pour over dry food. With finicky cats, it may be necessary to give a tiny amount to start, then gradually increase. Please be patient, the results are worth the wait!


Norwegian Kelp, Nutritional Yeast Culture, Flaxseed, Desiccated Liver, Fish Meal, Alfalfa, Bee Pollen, Garlic, Bone Meal, Lecithin, Lactobicillus Acidophilus.


Crude Protein (minimum)25.00%
Crude Fat (minimum)8.00%
Crude Fiber (maximum)18.00%
Moisture (maximum)10.00%


Since 1989, we have been committed to helping your pets live a healthier and longer life. NUPRO Supplements are scientifically balanced formulas rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids. NUPRO provides the necessary fresh, raw ingredients (lacking in cooked and processed foods) with easily digestible whole foods, specially designed to condition your dog from the INSIDE-OUT.

NUPRO Health Nuggets for Cats
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