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Soggy Doggy Doormat for Dogs

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Enough is enough! Soggy Doggy Doormat relieves you and your dirty pet from the messy and tiring routine that jump starts as your pup comes in from the... Learn More
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Product Information


Enough is enough! Soggy Doggy Doormat relieves you and your dirty pet from the messy and tiring routine that jump starts as your pup comes in from the rain and mud. Even when both you and your towels have been spent, your active pet’s body may still hold mud, dirt, and water to track through the house! Measuring at 26" x 36", the Soggy Doggy Doormat is ready to take over. It absorbs five times the water of standard cotton mats. In addition, the soft chenille fabric of Soggy Doggy Doormat is kind to your pup’s body, making it an ideal crate pad or car mat.

Soggy Doggy Doormat Features and Benefits

  • Soaks up water and dirt like a sponge
  • Absorbs 5x more than regular cotton doormats
  • Measures at 26" x 36"
  • Exceptionally durable yet velvety-soft
  • No-slip backing
  • Quick drying
  • Machine wash separately
  • No chlorine bleach
  • Dryer safe on low
  • No fabric softeners
  • Made of microfiber chenille
  • Available in beige with red bone and blue with brown bone


About Soggy Doggy:

I’m the mother of four young children and one unruly rescue dog, Buddy. I created the Soggy Doggy Doormat out of necessity. I could not train my kids to wipe the dog’s paws before he came in from the wet yard! No matter how many doormats, rags and towels I left by the backdoor (and no matter how many times I told the kids to use them), there was endless mess (and endless yelling) in my house.

Inspiration came at a kids’ swim meet. As I watched a young diver dry off with a super-absorbent shammy, lightbulbs went off! If that small piece of material could dry an entire child, why wasn’t there something similar for 4 wet, mucky dog paws?

With the (skeptical) assistance of the guys at the local hardware store and a very patient tailor, I made the first Soggy Doggy prototype out of an orange microfiber towel, some spongy foam and a no-skid back. I gathered the children by the back door, put Buddy out in the rain, and then brought him in to test the doormat. Disaster. Apparently, dogs (at least my dog) are terrified of orange. Buddy took one look at the doormat and jumped right over it. Wouldn’t go near it. I threw it in the basement and gave up.

But the next rain event came (more mess, more yelling), so I forged ahead. Many rounds of experimentation later, I found the perfect material blend in the microfiber chenille shag. Its "noodley" fibers not only make it exceptionally absorbent, but they also snag a tremendous amount of debris (note to moms: great for snowy boots and dirty cleats, especially those used on crushed-rubber turf fields). Honestly, we were astounded by the shag’s absorbency and dirt-catching ability. But best of all? Buddy, fell so in love with his super-soft doormat that he insisted on using it as a bed!

That’s the true story of the Soggy Doggy Doormat. Four un-trainable children, one messy dog, and a simple idea. By the initial response to our product, it seems I’m not the only person annoyed by wet-paw messes! So we continue to look for simple, practical solutions for soggy dogs. When they’re Buddy-approved, we bring them to you!

Joanna Rein


Soggy Doggy Doormat for Dogs
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