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Petsafe Heated Wellness Rectangle Pet Bed

The Petsafe Heated Wellness Rectangle Pet Bed helps Your Pet Feel His Best Every Day. Features: Low Level Therapeutic Heat Vibrating Massage... Learn More
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The Petsafe Heated Wellness Rectangle Pet Bed helps Your Pet Feel His Best Every Day.

Low Level Therapeutic Heat
Vibrating Massage
Orthopedic Foam Core
Detachable Chew Resistant Cord
Removable and Washable Cover
Uses Low-Voltage Power Adapter
Vibrating Massage Unit Cycles On and Off to Save Power


Safety Precautions:

Check to insure that there is no damage to the unit, power cord, or plug before each use.
Inspect the product to ensure there is no sudden rise in temperature. If detected, do not use the product.
Use the product with the included cover at all times.
If the Wellness Bed is used for extended periods, periodically remove your pet from the bed.
If the Wellness Bed is to be used in a pet cage, allow sufficient space for your pet to be able to move off the bed.
Do not allow your pet to chew on the power cord or the heating unit.
Do not use the Wellness Bed near heaters or open flames.
Disassembling or submerging this product under water may increase the possibility of a fire or electric shock.
Do not leave pet unattended while using the Wellness Bed.
Unplug the product when not in use.
For indoor use only.

Cover Washing Instructions:
Unplug the connector from the Wellness Bed and remove foam core insert before washing. Use a mild detergent and machine wash on gentle cycle. Allow the cover to air dry. Do not put in dryer.

Low Voltage Power Adapter (12V)

Uses Less Than 10 watts of Power.


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Petsafe Heated Wellness Rectangle Pet Bed
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