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What the Heck is Gnawin' Forever?
Is it a toy? Or is it a treat?

Gnawin' Forever is a treat...and a toy! It's the longest lasting treat-toy ever invented. So revolutionary,it's being patented. So new, it's patent is pending. So good, your dogs will gnaw on it forever. Well,it will seem like forever compared to how quickly they devour most treats!
How Gnawin' Forever got its Name...
From what I hear, Harry and Louise, the product testers, had been locked in the lab for ages. The bigboss came down and asked one the assistants how the tests were going, and got this reply: “They mustbe going good. Those dogs've been gnawin' forever.” Naturally, it stuck.
How Long is Forever when a Dog's Gnawin'?
Technically, forever is a really long time. In this case, it's up to 2 hours. Two hours! Wow! That'samazing when you think about how fast Fido (or Champ, or Bella, or Beau) can finish off a rather largerawhide. Of course, it's a lot fewer calories, too! And, easy on the digestive system.
Where Can I Get Gnawin' Forever?
Right now, this unique treat/toy is available only through That's good news, becauseyou can shop at home and your order is delivered to your door. So, order today. Give Gnawin' Foreverto your best friend. Then, send us the video. We can't wait to see the fun!
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The housing is highly durable.

Great tasting treat keeps your dog busy up to 2 hours.

The toy is made of food- quality material for safety.

Dogs chew longer - but eat less than with most chews!

Because I worried, Bella didn’t get many chew treats. Now, she gets Gnawin’ Forever ™ because I knowthey’re SAFE!

The secret is the housing. Your dog thinks it’s a toy, but the housing actually slows dogs down by requiringthem to use their canine teeth rather than their powerful molars to enjoy the chew. The treat’s greatbacon-y flavor is very tempting to dogs, so it holds their interest while making them work to enjoythe treat.

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