Nature's gift to you and your cat.

Our natural cat litter is made from 100% reclaimed wood and paper and provides outstanding performance you, and your cat can count on.

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Natural litter that outperforms clay alternatives.


  • Free from harmful chemicals, additives, and synthetic scents.

  • Comes from reclaimed fallen timber and unused lumber.

  • Little to no dust to bother allergies or track through your home.

  • Naturally lightweight so it's easy to carry and store.


  • Contains harmful sodium bentonite and silica dust.

  • Comes from strip-mined materials that disrupt our ecosystem.

  • Powdery clay dust that gets everywhere your cat does.

  • Heavy, hard to handle packaging that is difficult to carry.

Introducing Soft Step™ Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter.

ökocat Soft Step™ Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter offers amazing performance in the natural litter class. Free from chemicals, dyes and other synthetics, its soft granules are similar to the texture of clay so it is easier to transition your cat to natural litter. The texture is soft on delicate paws, and ideal for senior cats and kittens too. Tested and proven to absorb more than 5X its weight in liquid and control odor for 7 days. Its superior clumping and strong absorption power forms firm clumps and inhibits bacteria growth, unlike litters made from wheat or corn. It has the added benefit of being biodegradeable for flushable disposal. ökocat is naturally lightweight and comes in a smart compostable package with an easy carry handle and pour spout.

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