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  • Marina Aqua-Alien Theme Goldfish Aquarium Kit Features and Benefits: * Perfect for beginners* Great for a child* Small unique design* Great gift idea* Glows in the dark.Marina Aqua-Alien Theme Goldfish Aquarium Kit Includes:* 1- 1-liter Plastic Aquarium* 1 - Colorful Space Background* 1 - Elite…


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  • Marina Slim S15 Power Filter Features and Benefits: * Self priming* Quiet* Easy to maintain with quick change filter cartridges* Adjustable flow control* For use in aquariums up to 15 gallons* Includes one Bio-Carb and one Bio-Clear Media Cartridges. Note: Bio-Carb and Bio-Clear Media Cartridges…


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  • Marina Betta Kit Money Tree Ornament Features and Benefits: * Made exclusively to customize your Marina Betta Kit* Secure placement in your tanks gravel holder* Safe and non-toxic so it wont harm your fish!


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