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How vulnerable is my pet?

Fleas and ticks can thrive in any climate. Use the climate map below to learn when your pet is most at risk of flea and tick infestation.

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This area is currently at low risk for infestation. Maintain a regular flea and tick schedule to keep your pet and home flea and tick free


This area is currently at moderate risk for infestation. Make sure your pet is up to date on their flea and tick schedule.


This area is currently at high risk for infestation. In addition to your normal flea and tick routine, remember to treat the inside and outside areas of your home.

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Combination solutions are flea and tick products formulated to defend against both heartworm and other parasites in tandem.

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Solutions developed to keep fleas and ticks from thriving off of pets.


Kills various lifestages of fleas and ticks currently living on your pet.


Indoor, outdoor and other solutions designed to guard your home from fleas and ticks.

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3-in-1 Solutions

  • Protection from fleas & ticks
  • May prevent heartworm and other parasites
  • 10% more effective than a topical routine


Water Resistant

  • Powders, sprays and “spot-on” treatments
  • Repels fleas, ticks and often mosquitos, too
  • Alternative to oral treatments


Easy & Affordable

  • Collar's repellent spreads over the body
  • Reduce and repel flea and tick populations
  • Lasts an average of 3 months


100% Chemical Free

  • May contain citrus or garlic
  • Large assortment of product styles
    (i.e. essential oils, diatomaceous earth)
  • Safe for your pet and the whole family

Don’t Forget About Heartworm!

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