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Living World Deluxe Hamster Starter Kit


Product Details

The Living World Deluxe Hamster Starter Kit is a complete start-up kit which contains all necessary products to begin caring for your companion pet. The Living World Deluxe Hamster Starter Kit has been designed specifically for hamsters and comes complete with everything your hamster will need. The Living World Deluxe Hamster Starter Kit allows easy access into the cage to encourage interaction and is easy to clean and maintain. The high base walls keep bedding and substrates materials in the cage and gives your pet plenty of room to roam around and play!

Please Note: This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.
Living World Deluxe Hamster Starter Kit Contains:
  • Living World Hamster Resort Cage, with red base, black wires, red plastic wheel and yellow ladder. Top wire and bottom base section come apart for easy cleaning.
  • Living World Classic Hamster Food: Complete mixed blend diet for your pet. Comes in astand-up bag with resealable zipper for freshness.
  • Living World Small Animal Donuts: delicious, easily digestable treats made from the finest selection of ingredients.
  • Living World Water Bottle: Leak-proof spout, attaches easily to cage with wire holder.
  • Living World Pine Shavings Small ANimal Bedding: 1% natural pine bedding with a forest-fresh scent.
  • Lioving World Hamster Fluff: 1% natural fibers, makes an excellent bedding and nesting material.
  • Living World Small Animal Care Booklet: tells you everything you need to know to care for your pet.
SKU: 15322