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Vets Choice Skin&Coat Oil Conditionr Qrt


Product Details

Vets Choice Skin & Coat Oil Conditioner provides your dogs skin and coat with essential vitamins and nutrients that will have your dog looking and feeling beautiful, inside and out. Not only will this conditioner prevent scratching and reduce occurrences of dry, flaky skin, but your dog will shed up to 70% less and his coat will feel smooth and healthy. Vets Choice Skin & Coat Oil Conditioner will truly make your dog feel pampered!
Vets Choice Skin & Coat Oil Conditioner Features and Benefits:
  • Reduces Shedding
  • Prevents Scratching
  • Aids in coat health
  • Prevents Flaky Skin
SKU: 15914


Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Primrose Oil, Fish Oil, Choline, Inositol, Phosphorous, Linoleic Acid, Licolenic Acid, Arachmadonic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil, Lecithin