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Farnam Comfort Zone D.A.P. Refill for Dogs & Puppies

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Product Details

Comfort Zone's D.A.P. mimics a natural reassuring pheromone produced by female dogs when nursing.
USES: Comfort Zone Reduces or Completely Stops Stress-Related Behavior Including... Barking, Urination & defecation, Whimpering & whining, Anxiety, Chewing, & Other stress-related behavior Comfort Zone Helps Comfort Dogs and Puppies in Stressful Situations such as: Being alone in the house, Visitors to the home, New pet or family member, Moving to a new home, Visits to the veterinarian, Adjusting to a new environment.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Remove the bottle cap. 2. Screw the plug-in onto the bottle and gently tighten. 3. Plug into an electric socket. AREA COVERAGE: 5-65 sq. ft. One bottle lasts approximately four weeks.

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Canine appeasing pheromone - 2%
Excipients to - 100 g.