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K&H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Cover


Product Details

Make sure your pet is warm and cozy in his crate, especially during the winter months. Keep her extra comfortable with the K&H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Cover. It's made with super-soft that allows heat to radiate through the cover - safely warming up your pet while she snuggles away. A zipper closure keeps the cover secure, while making it easy to remove to clean.

Please Note: This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

K&H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Cover is:

  • Made to use with the K&H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heat Pad
  • Faux-fleece material
  • Zippered closure
  • Keeps your kitty warm
  • Machine washable

  • Small: 18.5" L x 0.25" W x 12.5" H
  • Medium: 24" L x 0.25" W x 14.5" H
  • Large: 30" L x 0.25" W x 17.5" H
SKU: 52629