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RX Prescription Required
Please Note: This Item Requires a Prescription

This item is an Rx medication or Food and requires a prescription. Once you place the order, the Pet360 Pharmacist will work directly with your veterinarian to verify the prescription and dosage information.

The medication for your pet will ship within one business day of verification. It will ship from the Pet360 Pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Pet360 Pharmacy is Vet Vipps Certified, meets or exceeds all United States veterinary pharmaceutical standards, and may legally ship to all 50 states.

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Your veterinarian may prescribe RenaPlus if your pet suffers from potassium deficiency. Potassium deficiency (hypokalemia) can occur as a result of multiple metabolic disorders including kidney (renal) disease.

What is RenaPlus?This is an effective generic option for potassium supplementation. It contains potassium gluconate which helps supplement animals with the potassium they need when they are lacking the proper levels that are necessary for normal body function.

What are the benefits of RenaPlus?
  • Great generic alternative to Tumil-K
  • Available in powder, tablets, or gel so you can pick the form that is easiest to give to your individual pet
  • Helps normalize potassium levels to support cellular function in the body.

Formulated for:dogs and cats primarily but RenaPlus can be given to other species as directed by a veterinarian.

How is this medication given?Give orally as prescribed by your veterinarian. Tablets, powder, and gel is generally administered with food. The dose for your pet is generally based on his/her body weight.

Always speak with your veterinarian if you have questions about how to use RenaPlus properly.

How does this medication work? RenaPlus contains potassium gluconate which helps supplement animals with additional potassium when they are unable to maintain normal blood potassium levels independently. Low potassium (hypokalemia) can occur as a result of renal (kidney) disease and other metabolic disturbances.

What results can I expect? RenaPlus should help animals with low blood potassium (hypokalemia) achieve normal blood potassium levels. It can take several days of regular supplementation to reach peak levels in the bloodstream. Long-term use is usually required to keep potassium levels stable once supplementation is started.

What form(s) does RenaPlus come in? RenaPlus can be purchased as an oral tablet, powder, or gel.

Generic Name:Potassium gluconate;(Common Drug Name) RenaPlus (Generic)

Common Brand Name:Tumil-K

Dose and Administration:Your veterinarian will instruct you on how to use RenaPlus. Most of the time, RenaPlus is dosed based on body weight. If a dose is missed, give it when you can but never double dose. Do not share RenaPlus with other animals in the household unless your veterinarian instructs you to. If you have questions about the proper use of RenaPlus, always ask your veterinarian.

Uses:RenaPlus is a potassium supplement the helps maintain normal blood potassium levels in animals who have a potassium deficiency usually secondary to another disease process especially kidney (renal) disease.

Possible Side Effects: Side effects are not common but can include nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Side effects can be minimized if given with food. If your pet is acting unusual while taking RenaPlus, contact your veterinarian.

Drug and Food Interactions: Enalapril, digoxin, spironolatone, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs-ex. etodolac (EtoGesic), deracoxib (Deramaxx), or carprofen (Rimadyl)) may interact with RenaPlus. Tell your veterinarian about all medications and supplements your pet is taking before giving RenaPlus.

Precautions:Use should be avoided in animals with high blood potassium levels (hyperkalemia).. Animals with severe kidney disease, acute dehydration, untreated Addison's disease (hypoadrenocorticism), or hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells) should not receive RenaPlus. Animals who are constipated also should not take RenaPlus. Animals with heart disease especially those who take Digoxin should be given RenaPlus with caution.

Storage:Store RenaPlus at room temperature away from animals, pets, and children.

A prescription from your veterinarian is required to purchase RenaPlus.

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