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PawFlex Bandages Medimitt Bandage

$9.95 - $15.85

Product Details

  • A bandage designed just for your dogs paws
  • Made to go directly on the wound
  • Fastener with non-slip grip
  • 6 medimitt bandages with 1 medimitt waterproof cover
  • Combine with the medimitt cover

Size Chart
PawFlex Bandages Medimitt Bandage can be used on any dog paws. This particular bandage has no designated front or back so you can put it directly over the wound no matter where it is located on the paw. It has a fastener with a non-slip strap with Velcro. This is a great product for protection when outdoors. We all know what happens when wounds get dirty so bandaging with PawFlex Bandages Medimitt Bandage.
SKU: 54050