Kinn Pet Treat Kapsules

$5.22 - $11.99

Product Details

WhatÍs so valuable about Kinn Pet Treat Kapsules? Find out here:
  • A gelatin capsule designed to be used as a treat or medication decoy
  • Allows you to make easy-to-make, healthy and delicious rewards
Kinn Pet Treat Kapsules are designed to be filled quick and easily with your pets all-time favorite customized treat ingredients. Thi can be used with both the Kudose and Kudose Ultra as the gelatin casing that will hold the treat material neatly to avoid getting your fingers messy but at the same time your dog or cat will smell their favorite food inside and gobble it up. Kinn Pet Treat Chicken Flavored Kapsules also allows the taste and smell of medications away.
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