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Grreat Choice Multi Flavor Small Dog Biscuits

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Product Details

Whether you are rewarding your pet for good behavior or just giving them a treat, dog biscuits are in every pet parent's home. Grreat Choice Multi Flavor Small Dog Biscuits are a delicious snack for any dog up to 20 pounds. These treats are packed with 12 different vitamins and minerals to support your dog's overall wellbeing. The treats are formulated with tasty natural ingredients. This treat also naturally cleans your dogÕs teeth and wards off bad breath. Each box has 7 pounds of biscuits for a greater value for pet parents and more treats for their dogs.

WhatÕs so valuable about Grreat Choice Multi Flavor Small Dog Biscuits? Find out here:
  • Provides wholesome nutrition
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath
  • Assorted flavors include bacon, sausage, beef and turkey
  • Ideal for dogs up to 20 pounds
  • Small size

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