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Dentleys Nature's Chew Pig Ears Dog Chews

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Product Details

Dentley's Nature's Chew Pig Ears Dog Chews are a delicious, high protein treat that will have your pup gnawing and nibbling away for hours! These chews for dogs have an abrasive texture that breaks down tartar and plaque buildup on your petÕs teeth and gums. Not only does it prevent potential big dental issues, it also gives your dog an outlet to chew safely. Your shoes and furniture are safe once you reward your dog with this treat.

WhatÕs so valuable about Dentley's Nature's Chew Pig Ears Dog Chews? Find out here:
  • Natural chew for medium sized dogs
  • Naturally flavored
  • 10 or 24 ears a package
  • Natural alternative to rawhide

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