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Dentleys Nature's Chew Peanut Butter Filled Femur Dog Bone

$4.94 - $5.99

Product Details

Whatês so valuable about Dentley's Nature's Chew Peanut Butter Filled Femur Dog Bone? Find out here:
  • Sizes small and large for small and large size breeds
  • Naturally flavored bone with chewy peanut butter flavored center
  • Protein packed treat
  • Breaks down tartar and plaque buildup

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There are three ways that Dentley's Natureês Chew Peanut Butter Stuffed Femur Dog Bone can benefit pet parents and their dogs. They are a protein packed treat with a coarse texture. This aids in the breakdown and reduction of tartar, promoting whiter, healthier teeth and gums. The delicious, naturally flavored femur bone is filled with a chewy peanut butter flavored center. Your dog will enjoy hours of tasty fun and entertainment. And they are a natural way to satisfy your dog's primitive need to chew, reducing destructive behavior, which is something all pet parents can really appreciate. This stuffed femur bone will have your dog jumping for joy! This peanut butter stuffed femur bone comes sizes small and large for all dogs to enjoy.
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