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Dentleys Nature's Chew Bull Spring Dog Treat


Product Details

When training a dog one of the most important things to teach is the difference between acceptable chew toys and objects that are off limits. Dentley's Nature's Chew Bull Spring Dog Treat allows your pup to act on their impulses to chew without developing destructive chewing habits that could damage many a shoe or chair leg. Make sure you have plenty of Bull Springs on hand for a treat or reward for good behavior. These bull springs are naturally flavored, so the taste will attract your dog while the unique shape provides hours of entertainment. And you will enjoy the added benefit of healthy gums and teeth because they reduce tartar build up.

What’s so valuable about Dentley’s Nature’s Chew Bull Spring Dog Treat? Find out here:
  • Promotes healthy teeth and coat
  • All natural chew
  • Delicious taste
  • Ideal for adult dogs
  • Small to medium sized breeds ideal for this chew

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SKU: 61274