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Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cat Cocoon

$14.49 - $22.26

Product Details

Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cat Cocoon is a helpful way to build your cat's confidence and feeling secure with the comfy cat cocoon! If your cat is a real snuggle bug just leave the back end zipped but you have the option to leave it open so they can dart out of either end at their discretion. The front and middle wires are adjustable so you can make this cozy little shelter just right for your fur ball!

What’s so valuable about Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon Cat Toy? Find out here :
  • Safe sleeping place for cats
  • Wire opening can be adjusted to cat size /li>
  • Interface and flexible center stay creates a gentle slope
  • Zipper closure offers back escape route
  • Offer your choice of 2 colors
  • 20"L x 16.5"W x 1"H
SKU: 61414