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Barkworthies Lamb Tail Dog Treats


Product Details

Barkworthies Lamb Tail Dog Treats are hearty and durable to give your pup hours of chew time as well as cleaner teeth! Our treats are full of nutritious marrow, providing your dog with a source of calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth. They are also high in Iron and Zinc which helps your dog's body fight off infection, maintain a healthy immune system, provides energy to help support brain functions, and gives them a zest for life.

What’s so valuable about Barkworthies Lamb Tail Dog Treats? Find out here :
  • Single-ingredient chews, which means they're 100% healthy and safe
  • A healthy alternative to traditional rawhide
  • Additive-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free
  • 100% digestible, helps clean teeth
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Lamb Tail