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All Living Things Hamster Starter Kit


Product Details

Make hamster ownership simple with the All Living Things Hamster Starter Kit! This hamster starter kit provides all the essential items you’ll need to take good care of your new hamster, including a chew-resistant cage, bedding and exercise wheel!

What’s so valuable about All Living Things Hamster Starter Kit? Find out here:
  • Chew-resistant cage for hamsters
  • Provides all the essentials you’ll need for owning a hamster
  • Dimensions: 12" L x 16" W x 18" H

  • Includes:
    1 bag of paper bedding (5 L)
    1 bag of hamster food (2 lb)
    2 treaded plastic ramps
    2 solid surface plastic shelves
    1 exercise wheel
    1 drip resistant water bottle w/ spring hanger (8 oz)
    1 food dish (3 oz)
    1 hanging wood chew
SKU: 61734