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Product Details

Nutramax Solliquin is a supplement for both dogs and cats meant to help back normal behavior and ease a calming effect. It contains L-theanine, magnolia and phellodendron extracts, as well as a select concentrated whey protein, providing the benefits of all four ingredients in a convenient, once-daily soft chew or chewable tablet. Please see below:

45 count
for medium/large dogs (chewable tablets in bottle)
60 count for small dogs and cats under 8 lbs (soft chews in pouch)
75 count for small/medium dogs and large cats 8-30 lbs (soft chews in pouch)

What’s so valuable about Nutramax Solliquin? Find out here:
  • Design to support normal behavior and facilitate a calming effect for both your dogs and cats
  • Help support normal behavior and facilitate a calming effect
  • Combines L-theanine, magnolia and phellodendron extracts as well as a select concentrated milk protein
  • Benefits of multiple ingredients for a multi-modal approach to behavioral health
  • Made in the USA

The recommended initial period is 30-45 days. For optimal long-term results, product should be used in conjunction with behavior modification, and veterinary consultation.
SKU: 62520