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MAJOR DOG Bottle Cat Camo Dog Toy

$13.49 - $14.99

Product Details

The MAJOR DOG Bottle Cat Camo Dog Toy is designed for those dogs who just love to play with empty plastic bottles. Now, you can let them have all the satisfaction of playing with plastic without worrying about injury. The fabric from MAJOR DOG is a special thermos-set fabric which prevents possible injury when chewed. Simply insert an empty bottle in the Bottle Cat, make some noise with it and your dog will be hooked.

WhatÕs so valuable about the MAJOR DOG Bottle Cat Camo Dog Toy? Find out here:
  • A Safe Way for your Dog to Play with Plastic Bottle without Injury
  • Proptrietary Heat Set Pattern and Tight Weave make it Durable and able to withstand Biting and Tearing
  • Plastic Bottle Inserts into the Toy
  • Free of Cadium, Phthalates, PAH and Tin Organic Compounds
  • 12.5Ó
SKU: 63074