MAJOR DOG Octopus Retrieval Ball Dog Toy

$17.86 - $24.99

Product Details

What’s so valuable about the MAJOR DOG Octopus Retrieval Ball Dog Toy? Find out here :
  • Versatile – Throw, Fling and Play Tug-O-War
  • Easy to Carry
  • Knobbed Rings actually Massage your Dog’s Gums
  • High Quality, Natural Rubber
  • Large is 7”, Small is 4.5”
The MAJOR DOG Octopus Retrieval Ball is the ultimate, versatile dog toy. You can throw it, fling it, roll it, play tug-o-war and much more. The knobbed rings not only make it easier for both dog and owner to carry, but will also massage your dog’s gums. The high quality, natural rubber material makes not only makes it stronger and safer, but durable while still remaining gentile on a dog’s mouth. All MAJOR DOG toys undergo and pass rigorous contaminant testing for long-lasting entertainment for your pup.
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