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MAJOR DOG Speed Sling Ball Dog Toy

$13.49 - $14.99

Product Details

The Major Dog Speed Sling Ball Dog Toy is made for long distance throwing. The thick rubber knobbed ball on a fabric sling will make it go long distance. The Speed Sling Ball will work your dogÕs legs and help release their boundless energy. The high quality, natural rubber used in the ball is gentile on a canineÕs mouth and stronger than your standard dog toy. The special heat-set material in the sling is able to withstand biting and tearing. MAJORDOG products are perfectly designed to meet your dogÕs needs and are distinguished by their high-quality, durable materials.

WhatÕs so valuable about the MAJOR DOG Speed Sling Ball Dog Toy? Find out here :
  • Perfect Slingshot for Long Distance Throwing
  • Provides Great Exercise by getting their legs moving
  • Heat-Set Material
  • High Quality, Natural Rubber
  • Large is 11Ó, Small is 9.75Ó
SKU: 63078