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MAJOR DOG Whirl Small Rubber Dog Toy

$17.99 - $19.99

Product Details

The MAJOR DOG Whirl Rubber Dog Toy has a unique four armed shape allowing it to be thrown and always land with one arm sticking up. Made from a durable natural rubber, the Whirl toy is not only tough, but will actually help massage your dogÕs gums. Every dog can enjoy the Whirl as it comes in two sizes. MAJORDOG products are perfectly designed to meet your dogÕs needs and are distinguished by their high-quality, durable materials.

WhatÕs so valuable about the MAJOR DOG Whirl Rubber Dog Toy? Find out here :
  • Unique Four Armed Shape
  • Natural, Durable Rubber
  • Knobbed Rubber will Massage your DogÕs Gums
  • Small is 4.5 inches, Large is 7.5 inches
SKU: 63081