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Richell Flip to Play Pet Crate


Product Details

Richell Flip to Play Pet Crate features two functions that helps keep your pet safely out of the way—a crate and a playpen. With a lockable doggy door and a built-in wire top, this crate for pets is secure and easy to use.

What’s so valuable about the Richell Flip to Play Pet Crate? Find out here:
  • Functions as a crate and a playpen
  • Lockable door and built-in wire top
  • Comes with a sliding tray that’s easy to clean
  • Keeps your pet secure and safely out of the way
  • Comes in 2 sizes: small and medium

  • Dimensions:
    Small (for dogs up to 17.6 lbs)
    Playpen: 43.7 L x 31.9 W x 22.8 H
    Crate: 31.9 L x 23.4 W x 24.4 H
    Tray: 26.6 L x 20.9 W x 0.8 H

    Medium (for dogs up to 44 lbs)
    Playpen:  56.9 L x 41.7 W x 29.3 H
    Crate: 41.7 L x 29.5 W x 31.1 H
    Tray: 36.4 L x 27.2 W x 0.8 H
SKU: 63202