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Only Natural Pet Cat Calming Chewables

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Product Details

Only Natural Pet Cat Calming Chewables help calm your pet and reduce anxiety and stress. Contains soothing ingredients like passion flower, valerian root, skullcap, and chamomile. This holistic, effective chew is chicken flavored for easy intake. Other nutrients are added to help treat underlying problems that might be causing your cat’s behavior- like discomfort, gastric problems, and immune imbalance.

What’s so valuable about Only Natural Pet Cat Calming Chewables? Find out here:
  • Works to calm nervousness, anxiety, skittishness, and stress
  • All natural with no harmful ingredients
  • Includes important nutrients like taurine and B vitamins
  • Holistic and effective
  • Made in the USA
SKU: 63287



Taurine, L-Theanine, Passion (flower) Extract, , Skullcap, Valerian (root), Colostrum, Chamomile (flower), Ginger (root)


Moisture (max) 8.0%
Fiber (max) 23.5%
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
47 mg