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Categories Knitty Kitty Cat Toy

$2.77 - $4.00

Product Details

Bring it back to basics with the Categories Knitty Kitty Cat Toy. This toy is far from your ordinary ball of yarn – it rattles and it won’t unravel! Knitty Kitty brings out your cat’s instinct to toss, bat, chase and pounce. The internal rattle and endless fun will ensure a stimulating playtime. Yarn, Balls, and Rattles – all the things your cat loves in one toy.

What’s so valuable about the Categories Knitty Kitty Cat Toy? Find out here:
  • Internal Rattle
  • Yarn will not Unravel
  • Perfect for any Playtime Activities
  • Designed to Last
  • Ensures Stimulating Playtime
SKU: 63430