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Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food

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Product Details

Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food is the perfect way to try all the flavors of Tiki Cat After Dark, a new line from Tiki Cat that treats your cat to an appetizing, nutritious, all-meat meal. With nourishing chunks of organ meat, this grain, filler, and carb free formula is the right choice to satisfy your cat’s carnivorous cravings. Tiki After Dark consists of hand-packed shredded whole chicken in tuna oil broth, which contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acid. The variety pack comes with 2 cans of each of the following flavors: chicken and quail egg, chicken and duck, chicken and lamb, chicken and beef, chicken and pork, and chicken. The chunky texture is ideal for grasping and tearing, making it the perfect choice for your cat’s hunting instincts.

Features & Benefits

What’s so valuable about Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food? Find out here:
  • Made with hand-packed, quality chicken and added animal protein
  • Designed to feed your cat’s carnivorous instincts
  • Contains no grains, fillers, or added fiber
  • High levels of natural nutrients like essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and amino acids
  • Contains organ meat for raw-like texture
  • Delicious and healthy


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