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World's Best Cat Litter Advanced Zero Mess Formula


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Product Details

World's Best Cat Litter Advanced Zero Mess Formula makes tidying up after your cat faster, neater, and easier. Perfect for households with one or multiple cats, this litter provides twice the clumping action and odor control. That means fewer messes with no wasted litter. Made from super absorbing corn and plant fibers, this formula keeps liquid trapped in clumps so you don’t have to spend time scraping and digging at the bottom of your litter box. It’s also flushable, dust free, and eco-friendly.

What’s so valuable about World's Best Cat Litter Advanced Zero Mess Formula? Find out here:
  • Powerful odor control
  • Designed for single or multiple-cat homes
  • Contains corn and plant fibers
  • Clumping formula
  • Lightweight
  • 99% Dust Free
  • Flushable-septic safe
  • Eco Friendly
  • Made in the USA
SKU: 63580


Patented blend of corn components and other natural plant fibers