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Sun Seed Vita Prima Conure & Quakers Formula Bird Seed Food


Product Details

Sunseed's Vita Plus Conure Formula with Quiko Egg Food and Spirulina is ideal for Sun, Blue Crown, Cherry Headed, Green Cheeked, Half Moon, Jenday and Nanday Conures. This diet is also suitable for the Quaker Parrot. The addition of nutrient rich fortified Vita Bite Pellets adds vitamins and minerals not normally found in a straight seed diet, promoting colorful feather growth and ensuring the overall health and well being of your pet bird. Eggs contain powerful antioxidants and are an excellent source of protein. Spirulina, also an antioxidant, helps support the immune system. This colorful diet includes tropical fruits, coconut, apples, bananas and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, and is fortified with added calcium necessary for all life stages.
SKU: 8555